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Welding Parameters (Using Arc Monitoring System or Voltmeter+Ammeter) 

The Parameters section is designed to record full parameter details for a weld procedure or production test, often alongside a portable arc monitoring system, such as an ALX.

To begin, Inline Add a new Project and input the WPQR or Production Test number. Then click the tick symbol  at far left to save it. You will need to refresh the page or click the Projects menu item again to show the sub-tables icons. Click the blue one  to show the Parameters details and then the Add New button to begin.

The new record entry screen will have a start time but you can reset this by clicking the Start button when welding begins. If you press, or re-press the Finish button, this will also record the Arc Time in seconds.

Fill in the other details and when the weld and input is complete, press the Save button. You'll notice that most variables that might stay the same will be prefilled in a new record. If the last record had an (Electrode) No, this will be incremented. Otherwise the Pass number will be incremented. Change any required details and enter the new parameter data. When you save a record, the system will calculate the Arc Energy by whatever method is available. If you are using an Arc Monitor, it will be based on the Arc Monitor Energy and Weld Length. Otherwise, it will be based on a Calculated Energy (Volts * Amps * Arc Time) divided by the Weld Length (divided by 1000 to convert to kJ/unit length). The system can also use a known Travel Speed if you don't input a separate Weld Length and Arc Time, though this is only ever useful for fully automatic welding, eg. Sub Arc.

As users may have different conventions on some variables (+ve, DC+ve, DCEP etc.), I haven't generally used drop-down lists. However, when you start typing a consumable name, you will be offered a list of those already entered into the Consumables table. Please add any others for your own convenience.