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Sharing Company Data

In your USER PROFILE (click your name at top right) is a field called 'Shared Key'. This allows users within the same company or project to see (but not edit) each others Projects, Monitoring (USCU), and Parameters tables.
This makes it easy to save eg. one set of consumable parameters for use by all inspectors, and also add to others parameters. Eg. one inspector can easily take over the Parameter monitoring from another. It also means that any individual with the Shared Key in their profile can export all the results.
When you add records, your Shared Key is automatically applied if it is currently not empty. However, you can turn sharing off or back on again in your projects screen:

The ITP Templates and ITP sharing works in a similar way.

If your Shared Key is empty, you won't see the Apply Current Shared Key button. If you have a Shared Key, then all new records that you create, or records that you edit, will have it; this is the default and assumes that you want to share your data with others in your company or project.
However, if you wish to stop sharing, you can turn it off for all records in a project by clicking the Stop Sharing button. The background of your Owner name will change to grey to indicate this.

The Information button will bring up a dialog box reminding you of the colours if needed.

Tip: it can be useful to do this once you know that the records have been exported since only new records you create under that project will be seen by your colleagues and available for export/printing by them.

Sharing can be turned back on at any time by clicking the Apply Current Shared Key Button, which will turn the background green.

If you have shared a key for a project, but later change your profile Shared Key, it will still be shared as before, but the orange background indicates it is not the current key. This will be useful if you move company or project and wish to share with a different set of colleagues. Please note that any new records you create will always use your current Shared Key, not necessarily the one associated with the original project.

Consumable Parameters that you create and share will only change Shared Key if you edit them, but this would be a rare requirement because these would usually only be associated with one company and filled in by that company's Principal Welding Engineer.
Phones and Small Screens

On small devices, the list and input screens will look very different in Landscape mode compared to the normal Portrait view; the latter can look quite uninteresting. You may also find that the input screens are easier to use if you add and edit records from the Main menu instead of via the Projects table.

Data Protection Statement

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Once registered and activated, you are free to delete your email address from your account if you wish, but if you do, you will be unable to reset your password - so make sure you save it in a safe place!

I will not share any of your details with any 3rd party, unless required by legal authorities. I will only contact you via your email address if I am planning to make significant changes to the site that would affect your data (eg. if your account is dormant for a long period and I want to delete it)

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