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Welcome to WIMS (Welding Information Management System)

Public users are limited to tools that I've decided to share with the Welding Engineering Community, and I hope you find these useful.

This application enables users to record parameter monitoring results using shortcut methods for SMAW electrodes and GMAW/FCAW processes where the wire feed speed is accurately known, and also conventional monitoring of all processes. It's free to use for test and business purposes.
Users can only see and export their own project and monitoring data, and are free to delete it at any time. To use the site, please sign up at the login form and note that it's useful to include your full name for your own exports and reports.

Whilst the author of this site has taken care to ensure its reliability, no warranty or guarantee is offered and users are reminded that its use is at their own risk.

Getting Started
Click one of the tabs above to view the relevant help, eg. the Monitoring Help

Kevin Millican