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Simplified heat input control in manual and semi-automatic welding.pdf 2.35 MB
Powerpoint presentation (PDF format) to London Branch; The Welding Institute 8th June 2022
SMAW-ROL-AE-HI Calculator.xlsx 220.76 KB
Spreadsheet tool for development of Arc Energy vs. ROL, Stub Length correlations and associated charts.
FCAW-WFS-AE-HI Calculator.xlsx 339.41 KB
Spreadsheet tool for development of Arc Energy vs. Wire Feed Speed, Travel Speed correlations and associated charts.
Arc Energy Calculations rev 3.xlsm 249.68 KB
VBA Macro-enabled spreadsheet that demonstrates my preferred way of dealing with PQR run-out parameters. Allows the user to explore how the weld area groupings affect the final WPS parameters when applying set rules and also highlights any spurious values that don't then fit the procedurally-generated working parameters so that the user can decide whether extending the ranges is justified.
Stainless Ferrite Calcs.xlsx 1.67 MB
Schaeffler, WRC 1992, and DeLong ferrite calculations.

Contrary to Excel's warning message on opening, this file does not have any external data connections. The workbook has an internal sorted table that results in this message the first time you open the file.